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Our firm was established by Mehmet ERSOY in 1983. Our aims are; · Manufacturing the best quality stoves adhering to the principles of quality, trust and honesty. In order to provide that we follow technology and innovations. · Providing and sustain customer satisfaction applying high technology and innovations to our products. Our Quality Policy is; · Based on the philosophy of Total Quality, reaching company and unit targets by teamwork, · Determining the preventive approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing our business processes with the self-assessment process, · Increasing the efficiency of all our processes to the level that can compete internationally in the direction of continuous improvement approach, · Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, executing trainings that will enhance technical and behavioral competencies. We are working with our full power to become an exemplary organization with our leading role in terms of quality in the durable consumption sector by managing our activities in an integrated manner with Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

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Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia

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Established Date: 1989  Tax Office: Yıldırım  Tax Number: 6180400932  Staff Count: 11-25  Export Specialist: Mehmet ERSOY